Cyber Security Management & Support

Secure IT - To Secure Customer Information and IT Infrastructure from Threats
Datawiz Capability Statement

Modern businesses face many challenges and opportunities. Competitive advantage and sustained profitability are essential for survival and development in the marketplace.

Standards and performance in the public sector are also under constant and ever closer scrutiny. A critical area that is too often overlooked is that of Cyber Security management. This is a process that must be embedded within an organization from the top down, underpinned by a culture of support and cooperation. When it is done correctly, tangible business benefits can be realized, including increased efficiency, greater clarity and visibility of business processes, awareness of critical assets, risk reduction, and ultimately a direct improvement on the bottom line.

Customers can also be assured that Cyber Security is taken seriously, including such key aspects as data protection and freedom of information.

The challenge for business leaders is to understand the extent to which Cyber Security management already exists within their organization and to mobilize market leading Cyber Security management services to provide the specialist support that will guarantee compliance with industry best practice and national and international standards.

Datawiz Corporation offers a portfolio of professional Cyber Security management services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it is a one-off gap analysis or a full cycle of implementation and certification, we guarantee to identify your critical and other business assets and to deliver appropriate management reports and recommendations.

What Datawiz offers:

Our consultants have extensive experience across public and private sectors and are uniquely equipped to provide the market leading Cyber Security management service.

Datawiz solutions prepare you and your staff to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents by equipping you with the knowledge and skills required, as well as supplemental personnel expertise as required.

  • Provide on-going management and maintenance of your security infrastructure
  • Perform remediation services in response to suspicious traffic or possible intrusions
  • Manage infrastructure vulnerabilities and assist with security patch and update management
  • Provide intrusion analysis and compliance reporting on your system infrastructure

The value we bring:

  • A short process that will benchmark performance and compliance against the standard. Provides a quick and effective view of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identification of critical assets, threats and vulnerabilities. Effective Cyber Security risk management via implementation of our recommendations.
  • Thorough and rigorous process to develop and embed core Cyber Security management processes, policies and procedures.
  • Protection of key assets and no waste of resources on noncritical areas.
  • Business process improvement.
  • Improved efficiency
  • Compliance with the standard.
  • Formal acknowledgement from a recognized certification body of compliance with the standard