Cloud Security

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Datawiz Capability Statement

The ability to embrace cloud computing capabilities for federal departments and agencies brings advantages and opportunities for increased efficiencies, cost savings, and green computing technologies. However, cloud computing also brings new risks and challenges to securely use cloud computing capabilities as good stewards of government data.

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program or FedRAMP has been established to provide a standard approach to Assessing and Authorizing (A&A) cloud computing services and products.

FedRAMP allows joint authorizations and continuous security monitoring services for Government and Commercial cloud computing systems intended for multi-agency use. Joint authorization of cloud providers results in a common security risk model that can be leveraged across the Federal Government.

Datawiz was among the first Cyber Security professionals to perform a Security Assessment on a Cloud Computing service provider for the Federal Government (Certification and Accreditation (C&A)). What we learned from this exercise, is that having a public knowledge of Cyber Security is crucial in securing individuals and our Nation.

Datawiz is working with leading industry Cloud Computing providers to assist in meeting the new Federal Requirements.