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Datawiz Receives DOL/OIG Team Mate C&A Award


Datawiz Receives DOL/OIG Team Mate C&A Award

Datawiz Corporation is happy to announce that they have been awarded to perform FISMA Certification and Accreditation (C&A) services for the OIG. As part of the C&A process, Datawiz Corporation is providing the following deliverables for the OIG Teammate System : Risk Assessment (RA); Security Categorization (FIPS 199); Systems Security Plan (SSP); Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E); Rules of Behavior (ROB); Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M); and Certification and Accreditation Package.

Datawiz will ensure that the OIG Team Mate system is in compliance with NIST, FISMA and OMB requirements. Datawiz will be evaluating the system’s security architecture, security controls, system documentation and will serve in the role of coordinating and managing the overall FISMA C&A process. Datawiz will obtain the Authority to Operate (ATO) from the Designated Approval Authority (DAA) for the OIG Information Systems to meet their fiscal year requirements.