Infrastructure Management Services

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Datawiz Capability Statement

Datawiz provides comprehensive services to help organizations optimize critical IT staff. With Infrastructure Management Services from Datawiz, customers get the technology, reliability and control that their business demands without jeopardizing strategic priorities. Datawiz’s proven processes provide for seamless transitions and smooth project management. At the same time, it helps customers reduce focus on non-core functions and reduce costs.

Datawiz’s well-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide customers with the assurance of consistently superior performance. Be it multiple service windows, availability or technologies, Datawiz has the flexibility and agility to ensure that the customer’s IT infrastructure remains responsive to their business needs.

The infrastructure management services enable customers to identify efficiency improvement opportunities, design the right solutions for their operating environments, and then plan and implement a solution that delivers measurable performance improvement against quantified service level agreements (SLAs).

The infrastructure management services are used by several organizations around the world as a means of achieving large increases in availability and reliability for relatively modest investments in services and tools. Organizations using Datawiz’s infrastructure management services have achieved these goals by reducing the time required to resolve problems, improving capacity planning, streamlining change management, increasing business resiliency and better management of data center assets.

Server and Backup Management:

Datawiz helps customers manage their server environment and backup effectively to maintain performance at optimum levels. The server and backup management offerings ensure that server parameters and operating systems are administered and tuned well. The offerings span multiple environments, platforms, operating systems and tools. The service deliverables include operating system administration, performance monitoring of servers (monitoring CPU, disk space, memory utilization) and fine tuning, management of upgrades and patches, first level diagnosis of server problems and escalation of hardware problems to vendors.

Desktop Management:

Datawiz’s desktop support services are focused on helping Information System managers ensure quick deployment and standardization of desktops across the organization for cost and time savings with better manageability and productivity.

The service offerings in this area include:

  • Desktop Computer configurations
  • Standard office application management an support
  • Desktop standardization and imaging
  • Asset management - single point for acquiring, deploying, and managing computer and software
  • Technology refresh upgrades
  • Personal computer maintenance through single point of contact