Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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Datawiz Capability Statement

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions help you control content, reduce risk and keep costs down. The broad Datawiz approach spans content collection and archiving, classification, records management, and e-discovery for large volume and disparate databases across your enterprise.

We support best-in-class ECM solutions including FileNet P8 Platform and DB2 Content Management.

By delivering these solutions, we give our clients accelerated application deployment and lower total cost of ownership. We integrate and activate content with even the most complex processes for streamlined optimization across the entire enterprise.

Information Management: Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Our information management practice features leading edge business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) solutions.

Our business intelligence solutions enable business users to visualize, understand and make decisions regarding even large amounts of disparate and very complex data. We deploy these solutions throughout all stages of the development life cycle.

What Datawiz offers:

Our comprehensive information management services include:

  • Developing the business case
  • Understanding the process and organizational objectives
  • Choosing the best software and tools for each project
  • Building, using, testing and evaluating solutions
  • Deployment of solutions
  • Training and mentoring
  • Maintenance and ongoing development

Datawiz DW solutions involve collection and maintenance of large volumes of data, including highly sensitive information.

We leverage the Datawiz proven methodology, grounded in quality assurance and project management, from the beginning of every project to maintenance and expansion of the database.