Data Center Management and Operations

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Datawiz Capability Statement

We operate in a highly secure, distributed environment for Federal and Commercial organizations. Our data center management and operations solutions are comprehensive, sophisticated and trusted by mission-critical organizations with terabytes of secure data.

Datawiz provides operations support for database management systems such as DATACOM/DB, IBM DB2, IBM UDB, Oracle and SQL Server. Our services include physical implementation of database table structure, systems monitoring, allocation of physical database space, network monitoring, problem determination, problem reporting, problem escalation, recovery plans, reorganizations, trouble shooting, operating system upgrades, change control, version management, backup and recovery, capacity planning, performance monitoring, modifications to data objects/structures and system programming.

What Datawiz offers:

  • Plan and implement database and database administration changes needed to support new hardware and/or software features in the clients’ operating environment
  • Define and assist in enforcement of all database related policies, processes, procedures, standards and guidelines for designing and defining the users’ physical database
  • Interface with project teams regarding possible database related software problems, design problems and application interfaces issues
  • Analyze problems, identify causes and recommend solutions
  • Provide emergency maintenance on a 24 x 7 basis based on client policies, processes, procedures, standards and guidelines. Recommend changes to these as needed
  • Deliver documentation of database administration tasks
  • Develop, test and perform the complete database administration processes needed to recover databases with maximum data integrity
  • Develop and provide training and mentoring on the proper operation of all database and related products