Change and Configuration Management

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Datawiz Capability Statement

Datawiz Corporation provides a configuration management team skilled in superior maintenance, verification, auditing and monitoring of your product’s performance to ensure the security and functionality of your product throughout its life cycle.

Given the complexities of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies, configuration issues are vital to a project’s success.

Our experienced professionals are trained to evaluate, determine and monitor the impact of changes, providing cutting edge solutions that best fit your configuration needs.

Changes in versioning, requirements, design and operational information can have a great impact on the design and engineering output of your product.

Datawiz utilizes the CMMI approach to establish baselines and monitor changes within your systems and services, ensuring that the functionality of your product remains consistent and up-to-date.

Configuration management services:

Our configuration management services include:

  • Identification of new and emerging technologies, versions and requirements
  • Change control
  • Functional and physical configuration verification and auditing
  • Develop and implement procedures to monitor and manage various configurations
  • Management of all hardware and software components within your systems and networks
  • Record and update changes in computer systems and networks
  • Engineering support and maintenance of project requirements
  • Application and monitoring of program