Manage IT

To Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness Through Enterprise-Wide Solutions
Datawiz has significant experience in helping organizations leverage the power of Business Process Management (BPM) software and approaches to transform traditional business functions from paper- based, insular processes to fully integrated, business-managed, performance-driven processes that cut across departmental and organizational boundaries.
Business Process Management
Datawiz Corporation provides a configuration management team skilled in superior maintenance, verification, auditing and monitoring of your product's performance to ensure the security and functionality of your product throughout its life cycle.
Change and Configuration Management
Datawiz provides operations support for database management systems such as DATACOM/DB, IBM DB2, IBM UDB, Oracle and SQL Server.
Data Center Management and Operations
By delivering these solutions, we give our clients accelerated application deployment and lower total cost of ownership. We integrate and activate content with even the most complex processes for streamlined optimization across the entire enterprise.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Datawiz's well-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide customers with the assurance of consistently superior performance. Be it multiple service windows, availability or technologies, Datawiz has the flexibility and agility to ensure that the customer's IT infrastructure remains responsive to their business needs.
Infrastructure Management Services
Our experts will work with project sponsors and stakeholders to identify program needs and determine the most effective methods for managing program activities.
Program Management
Datawiz Corporation helpdesk services are geared to the requirements of a wide range of organizations . Users - and this could be employees with systems difficulties, or customers seeking advice when accessing product or service information over the internet - are given a single point of contact where fast efficient help is on hand whenever they require it.
Service/Help Desk Management

Many Organizations and Agency’s IT infrastructure is difficult and expensive to maintain and lacks interoperability and scalability. Most IT infrastructure consists of multiple fragmented IT components that deliver services independently. Agencies and Organization are spending vast amount of capital and are committed to modernizing their IT infrastructure and moving to enterprise-wide solutions.

Datawiz provides the foundation for improvements across the IT enterprise, a sound architectural plan, and strong program and project management capabilities.

Services and Results

Architect the infrastructure as a service-driven enterprise
  • Defined and published the service layer of the Department of Labor MSHA Enterprise Architecture, with a focus on the catalog of infrastructure services
  • Developed the target architecture for high-priority infrastructure services (DOL)
  • Enhanced existing mechanisms to ensure that Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) processes are driving toward the target infrastructure architecture
Improve project and program Management capabilities
  • Defined a common program management process that includes key milestones (DOL, CBSD)
  • Instituted a standard, shared set of project/program document templates (DOL, CBSD)
  • Enhanced the existing program review process (DOL, CBSD)