Career Opportunities with Datawiz
Datawiz values our people. This is demonstrated in our long-term employee retention and satisfaction. We’re currently looking for driven, skilled, ethical people who think creatively and strategically to support long-term contracts. Datawiz values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer. We offer an environment where our employees make a difference with the work that they do. Our people are part of our clients’ success.

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Why Datawiz

Foster creative recruiting
  • Established an Employee Referral Program
  • Partnered with universities for internships and direct hires
  • Implemented pay for performance
  • Budgeted for and promote the use of recruitment and relocation incentives when needed
Develop the IT workforce
  • Full-time Datawiz IT Workforce Liaison
  • Developed a critical skills competency inventory
  • Promoted and facilitated professional certification programs
Focus on retention and improving job satisfaction
  • Provide training for Datawiz managers on IT workforce flexibilities
  • Budget for and promote the use of retention incentives
  • Evaluate supervisors on staff development
  • Review employee satisfaction survey results and look for quick wins to improve job satisfaction
  • Recognize the IT workforce through the use of team awards