Systems Integration

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Datawiz Capability Statement

Datawiz Corporation offers a broad range of enhanced support services to augment your internal capabilities and increase your effectiveness.

Our suite of integration services - including network and application integration, systems integration support, and validation and testing - ensures solid deployment of Datawiz Corporation products within your total environment while reducing risks and introduction costs. With Datawiz’s integration services, you can reduce the time it takes to get your new products and systems working. You can lower introduction costs while minimizing risks and reducing time to market.

Validation and Test:

Datawiz’s validation and testing services ensure that your new Datawiz products work smoothly with other third-party products. We perform user testing before roll out, to ensure quality and a solid deployment.

Installation and Integration:

We install and integrate your Datawiz systems to work smoothly within your existing configuration.

Our integration experts can:

  • Streamline integration processes
  • Identify potential performance and reliability issues
  • Minimize likely interoperability problems
  • Ensure consistency
  • Enforce compliance

Support that spans the Full Product Life Cycle:

Datawiz’s comprehensive set of service offerings is designed to support you throughout the full product life cycle. Our highly qualified support staff is fully trained to address your needs from pre-installation through end-of-life.

We offer detailed site assessments and preparation for a seamless startup. Our installation and upgrade services minimize your downtime. Our Network, applications, systems, and third-party integration services ensure that you are operational quickly and efficiently.

Customized training is available to enhance your skills and capabilities as needed. Our onsite, web-based, and call center technical support keep your systems running smoothly. Long-term/ life-cycle support services ensure continuity and stability over the full life of your programs.