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Datawiz Capability Statement

Chief Information Officers (CIO) and their IT teams have never been under greater pressure to do more with less. With 70 percent of the typical organization’s global transactions running on legacy applications, the spotlight has shifted to how well the application portfolio can drive business results and support innovation while keeping costs under control.

At many companies, the application portfolio exerts significant drag on overall operational effectiveness. The inflexibility of legacy applications makes it hard to provide the IT functionality demanded by rapid shifts in business needs—and even harder to scale up to support business growth. Legacy applications can be difficult to integrate with newer, more agile systems. They are often poorly documented as well, making it even more difficult to operate and maintain when IT staff leave the organization. What’s needed is a fresh approach that allows companies to extract much more value from their application portfolios. The ideal approach would significantly reduce the costs of managing and upgrading the portfolio while improving overall system performance and reliability.

Datawiz can help. Our Datawiz Application Modernization and Optimization practice enables IT to strip out unnecessary operating costs while reducing capital spending and freeing IT staff to create value for the business. Our Application Modernization and Optimization specialists can help to answer the big questions about whether to renew, replace, consolidate, retire, enhance – or build new. The outcome: More value from existing applications with reduced costs, more manageable application portfolios, limited business disruption, and decreased risk.

Application Portfolio Optimization:

Creates a strategy and roadmap to improve your application portfolio and reduce functionality overlaps, technical limitations and maintenance costs. Our experienced specialists use diagnostics and proven processes to probe for problem areas and quickly determine whether the applications are functionally adequate and technically healthy to support your organization’s business strategy. The Application Portfolio Optimization analysis can include an assessment of a portfolio’s economic efficiency, giving insights into whether application maintenance is benefiting from the low-cost sourcing models that minimize licensing and maintenance overhead. Our Application Portfolio Optimization specialists can also improve active portfolio management to keep the portfolio healthy. The result is an actionable roadmap and a strong business case for optimizing the portfolio.

Performance Engineering:

Allows IT leaders to better manage the overall performance of their applications so they can meet or beat users’ expectations and reduce unnecessary costs due to performance issues. Our experienced team works to confirm that high performance is built into applications and alleviates performance problems in existing applications. Specifically, performance engineering helps companies set clear system or application performance objectives, identify performance failures and isolate their root causes by helping to confirm that performance characteristics are factored in early in the development life cycle.

Application Modernization:

Helps companies get the most value from their existing applications over the long term—as well as helping to reduce certain costs and risks. This offering can modernize your application technology while retaining much of the investment made in applications.

Specifically, the solution can:

  • Migrate an application to current technology that is vendor-supported
  • Re platform to newer, less expensive and more efficient technology platforms
  • Remediate to enhance your applications’ functionality, make them easier to maintain and make them part of a highly scalable framework—getting the benefits of system replacement with far less risk, cost or disruption
  • Mitigate the risks to critical business system availability of relying on obsolete technology or IT professionals who are nearing retirement

The value we bring:

  • Our Application Modernization and Optimization solutions allow organizations to quickly get more value from the most capital-intensive element of their IT investments: the application portfolio.
  • Application Modernization and Optimization helps reduce IT costs by pinpointing applications that can be eliminated, consolidated or replaced with more cost-effective solutions. Additionally, we can help identify solutions that leverage existing application investments by modernizing existing applications.
  • We provide dependable outcomes by listening well, working alongside clients’ teams to generate results using thoughtful plans and firm program-management disciplines.
  • Clients benefit from the experience of our Application Modernization and Optimization practice. Our integrated teams of subject-matter specialists and strategy, technology and implementation professionals have helped hundreds of organizations get more from their application assets.
  • Clients see fast results because our Application Modernization and Optimization professionals work in flexible teams that can be assembled and deployed rapidly anywhere in the world.
  • We help clients free up IT development time to focus on business needs because our system integration and outsourcing capabilities expand the options for application development and maintenance.