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Datawiz Capability Statement

The ongoing Datawiz High Performance Business research initiative has revealed that top companies increasingly position IT as a strategic asset. They recognize that delivering discrete technology components is no longer the optimal way to generate business value. Instead, these leaders opt to manage their IT operations like an integrated, service-oriented business. In this paradigm, keeping costs low is an imperative. So is aligning IT investments with overarching business imperatives.

The shift from IT delivery to IT service management has significant consequences for data center environments, which are at the heart of any IT capability. With the transition to service management comes the need for greater IT flexibility, server and storage utilization, and cost variability.

Maturing technologies in the areas of virtualization, service provisioning and automation help address these new requirements and enable the development of data centers that are more agile than ever before. New sourcing models, as well as the emergence of cloud computing as a viable and secure platform for IT service delivery, promise even faster, more responsive and more cost-effective data center capabilities.

Despite the advances in data center technologies and management approaches, many organizations struggle to create an optimized IT service environment. The proliferation of data to be managed makes the need for better storage, server and database solutions readily apparent. Yet, many organizations lack the necessary data center skills or resources to untangle and replace their complex and costly legacy infrastructures.

Large organizations find it particularly daunting to centralize geographically dispersed data centers and effectively manage multiple sourcing providers. Most organizations understand the value of optimizing their data center environments. Yet, they often don’t know where or how to begin. Datawiz can help.

Datawiz’s comprehensive range of data center services helps clients reduce their IT complexity, improve scalability, and achieve significant gains in data center performance. These services, outlined below, are business-led and service-oriented. This means they satisfy specific IT delivery needs and, at the same time, generate outcomes that align to defined business priorities.

Data center optimization:

Datawiz helps clients reduce their data center footprints and improve operational efficiencies by consolidating distributed facilities and assets into centralized locations.

We migrate servers, storage and networks, as needed, and—with the Datawiz Application Migration Factory—transition clients’ critical applications to the new environment in a logical sequence and with minimal disruptions to the business. As part of this service, we can also help clients take advantage of private and public cloud opportunities to improve IT service provisioning and management.

Optimizing the data center can generate a number of benefits, including enhanced asset utilization, improved availability and reliability, and better cost management. Clients can achieve a savings of up to 35 percent of total cost of ownership.

Importantly, the consolidation of data center environments also reduces power usage, which helps companies achieve their “Green IT” objectives.

Server optimization: Datawiz standardizes and consolidates servers into highly efficient pools of virtualized computing resources that can be partitioned and assembled to maximize utilization.

It is not uncommon for Datawiz to virtualize more than 80 percent, standardize up to 95 percent and consolidate up to 50 percent of an organization’s existing servers.

By taking advantage of Datawiz’s server optimization services, clients typically can achieve a 30 to 50 percent reduction in total cost of server ownership, increase their servers’ reliability and availability, and reduce capital expenditures.

Storage transformation:

Clients often want to transition to networked storage and, in the process, eliminate duplicate storage environments.

Datawiz not only standardizes and consolidates storage into pools of virtualized capacity, but also deploys capabilities that allow clients to manage the information lifecycle across storage devices. As a result, clients improve their storage utilization, investment returns and the availability of the enterprise data that underpins their businesses. Large organizations can save tens of millions of dollars during the first year of the transition and ultimately reduce their total cost of ownership by 30 to 55 percent.

Database optimization:

An optimized database environment helps ensure that the information used to power the business is accessible, available, and easily and quickly retrievable.

Datawiz not only standardizes clients’ database landscape, but also configures databases for optimal performance and reliability. These services help clients improve their overall IT productivity, reduce the total cost of ownership associated with database technologies, drive more value from their information assets, and improve performance of mission critical database systems.

Data Center Automation:

Automated processes based on leading practices can make data center systems much more responsive to changing business requirements.

Datawiz uses automated technologies to help clients provision, modify, operate and retire their data center services in a precise and dynamic manner. In effect, automation supports the seamless integration of individual data center components—from server and storage environments to applications. The result is an end-to-end data center capability that can reduce delivery costs by up to 15 percent and delivery times from days to minutes.

The value we bring:

Vendor independence: We have strong relationships with a number of technology providers who work with us to bring market-leading data center solutions to the marketplace. Our ability to work with all technologies eliminates the problem of vendor “lock-in” and enables us to suggest technology solutions that can best meet our clients’ specified needs

A holistic approach: We focus on delivering the infrastructure technologies, as well as the supporting operational processes and tools, needed to enable high performance

A business focus: We are committed to delivering service-oriented solutions that generate measurable business results

Fast results: Within just six to nine months, Datawiz can help clients significantly reduce the cost and complexity of their data center infrastructures—without compromising service quality and performance

Scalable sourcing models: We recommend—and then deploy—diverse sourcing models to scale the data center infrastructure to keep up with business growth and the ever increasing demand for IT services